About Lennart Eriksson


Lennart Eriksson, the grandfather of Erica Eriksson, was a talented and imaginative draughtsman and printmaker. He was born and raised in Bälinge, Södermanland, and later moved to Södertälje, which became his home town. In the 1950's Lennart attended the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. This is where he learnt how to draw. 

His main artistic media turned out to be different techniques of engraving, such as line etching, aquatint and soft-ground etching. However, back home at his desk, the well sharpened pencil and the black rollerball pen, alternated with pastels or watercolours, would keep him satisfyingly occupied.


Lennart always had a true fondness for nature. He enjoyed his back garden and the birds in it as much as nature at large.

In his pictures you will find reflections of both his physical, social and imaginative surroundings. The human figure is often present, alone or in a social situation, immersed in a dance, or waiting by the bus stop. 

Lennart's creativity and eye to detail didn't stop at pictorial images, it reached literary dimensions as well. He loved to read books and took great pleasure in writing journals and essays throughout his life. He also had a special talent for reciting texts to family and friends.

Working life

Lennart's art studies eventually lead him into work as a technical draughtsman at Scania, the Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer. He stayed at the company for the rest of his working life.

Most of the works shown on the website were completed in the mid 1950's. Unfortunately there are no remaining records of original titles and production years. His granddaughter has interpreted the artworks and titled them accordingly.

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